How to cook the best lentil soup

Chop onion ( I prefer vertically from stem to root) any way is fine and sauté in olive oil until soft.

Cut tomatoes into medium sized cubes. Here I used beefsteak tomatoes because it is all I had. Halved cherry tomatoes would have been my first choice.

Sauté onions and tomatoes.

Add orange lentils these cook quick and don't require soaking.

Add one pouch of this food magic. There are multiple flavors but I prefer this one. They all have similar bases.

Mix all ingredients together while on medium heat

Add water to cover all the ingredients, the more water the thinner it is. Your aiming for a 60/40 ratio water to ingredients. Salt to taste.

Cook on medium heat for approx 15 - 18 mins. Enjoy!

Watch the video: Greek Red Lentil Soup Recipe from The Mediterranean Dish (October 2021).